Huge Memory Boost – AMD’s next AGESA update’s giving Ryzen 7000 fast DDR5 support

Huge Memory Boost - AMD's latest AGESA update gives Ryzen 7000 fast DDR5 support

AMD’s planned AGESA 1007B update adds faster DDR5 memory support to the company’s Ryzen 7000 series processors

Since launch, DDR5-6000 has been the “sweet spot” memory speed for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series of processors and AM5 motherboard platform, but that is now due to change thanks to a planned AGESA update from AMD, an update that will add support for faster DDR5 memory modules, and enable higher performance levels in memory-limited workloads. 

In a recent post on Reddit, an AMD engineer has confirmed that AGESA update 1007B has allowed Ryzen 7000 series processors to be used with faster DDR5 memory kits, with the engineer confirming that they were able to use DDR5-7200 memory with CL32 timings with a Ryzen 9 7950X3D at home. On top of that, many Ryzen 7000 series CPUs were found to be able to use DDR5-6400 memory with 1:1 memory controller to memory ratio.  

    Maybe I can post some screenshots today.. I’ll find out. This result is a product of AGESA 1007B, which we’ve been working hard to get released. I’ve been running 7200CL32 with timings similar/extrapolated to the Buildzoid 6000 recipe at home and in the lab and it’s been great (7950x3d at home). But that’s not all! Many CPUs can run 6400 1:1 now.. but not all. Also, you can enable Memory Context Restore and expect a better result for most kits/boards – my home system is ~15s from power button to desktop (from S4/S5). Depending on the motherboard quality and silicon lottery, 7600-7800 is also possible now.

This new AGESA includes a bunch of new settings to allow manual control of some of the stuff we added – most notable is DDR5 Nitro mode which allows altering some internal memory controller timing parameters. This is the main knob that enables the higher speeds. We also now exposed settings to let you change behavior of memory training itself, including ability to run a much more comprehensive training algorithm to enhance margin and stability at the expense of extra time on the first boot on many kits/boards.

This is basically the only thing I’ve been working on for 8 or 10 weeks, and I’m excited to see it released! A lot of awesome engineers helped to get this done! I can’t wait to see more in depth coverage as folks start playing with this and figuring stuff out! Take care!

It is now clear that some overclockers have already gotten access to AMD’s AGESA 1007B update, with Buildzoid confirming that they have gotten DDR5-8000 memory running on a Ryzen 7000 series processor with a sub-$300 motherboard. AMD had clearly made major strides with their Ryzen memory support with this update, and it could have huge implications for those who demand bleeding-edge performance.

Huge Memory Boost - AMD's latest AGESA update gives Ryzen 7000 fast DDR5 support

AMD has been working on this new AGESA update for AM5 for around two months, and with AGESA 1007B, AM5 motherboard users should gain access to a lot of new settings to tinker with. With these new controls, overclockers should be able to push some incredibly high memory clock speeds on AM5. 

We look forward to testing this ne AGESA update when it releases, and seeing how higher speed DDR5 memory will impact the performance of AM5 systems. Will AM5 soon have a new memory speed sweet spot? We will know soon. 

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