JEDEC unveils next-generation GDDR7 memory with broad industry support

JEDEC has officially launched their GDDR7 memory standard, paving the way to more powerful graphics cards

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has officially launched their JESD239 GDDR7 memory standard. This standard paves the way for the creation of future consoles, GPUs, AI accelerators and more.

The primary benefit of GDDR7 over GDDR6 is its boosted memory bandwidth and power efficiency. Nvidia and AMD are already adopting the standard, confirming that we will see future graphics cards with GDDR7 memory.

Samsung has stated that “GDDR7 32 Gbps will achieve 1.6x higher-performance” than GDDR6 (20 Gbps), dramatical increasing the memory bandwidth that is available to future products. Much of this memory bandwidth increase comes from the move from NRZ signalling to PAM3 signalling. This change alone changes transmission speeds from 2 bits over two cycles to 3 bits over two cycles. That’s a 50% increase in performance!

GDDR7’s advanced features include:

  • Core independent LFSR (linear-feedback shift register) training patterns with eye masking and error counters to improve training accuracy while reduce training time.
  • Doubles the number of independent channels doubles from 2 in GDDR6 to 4 in GDDR7.
  • Support for 16 Gbit (2GB) to 32 Gbit (4GB) densities including support for 2-Channel mode to double system capacity.
  • Address the market need for RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) by incorporating the latest data integrity features including on die ECC (ODECC) with real time reporting, data poison, Error check and Scrub, and command address parity with command blocking (CAPARBLK)

SK Hynix, Micron, and Samsung are all getting ready to mass produce GDDR7 memory modules. This move will allow AMD, Nvidia, and others to adopt this new, faster, memory standard for their future products. This will enable the creation of faster, more efficient, computational devices. This is great news for hardware enthusiasts, and manufacturers alike.

You can join the discussion on the GDDR7 memory standard on the OC3D Forums.

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