Mushkin Announces New XP2-8500 Modules

News Posted 25/11/2006
Author: PV5150
Source: Mushkin

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Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer in high performance computer components, is proud to announce the addition of the new XP2-8500 memory modules to its XP DDR2 lineup. “With the industry moving rapidly in its transition to DDR2 applications, Mushkin strives to offer one of the most complete DDR2 lines available,” said Lee Groninger, Mushkin Sales and Marketing Director, “The addition of the XP2-8500 brings us one step closer to accomplishing that goal”. The XP2-8500 is available in both 512MB and 1GB memory modules and is rated at 5-5-4-12 at 2.2-2.4V.

991536- 512MB XP2-8500 5-5-4-12
996536- 1GB XP2-8500 DDR2 Dual Kit (2x512MB)

991535- 1GB XP2-8500 5-5-4-12
996535- 2GB XP2-8500 DDR2 Dual Kit (2x1GB)

The Mushkin XP2-8500 is an ideal choice for high-end PC enthusiasts that have adopted the DDR2 platform. “The new XP2-8500 is ideal for both stock and overclocked applications,” said Brian Flood, Mushkin Research and Development Director, “Many new enthusiast-level Intel chipset motherboards allow for 8500 memory speeds at the default 266MHz FSB. In overclocking applications, the end-user can raise the HTT or FSB considerably with the use of these modules.

Extensive testing has been performed to ensure performance and compatibility with both AMD and Intel platforms. With better rated specifications than the competition yet in the same price class, the XP2-8500 DIMM’s offer great value and exceptional performance”. The Mushkin XP2-8500 joins a distinguished list of exciting new products from Mushkin to be released later this year.

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