A Prusa-Killer? Bambu Lab teases a new bed-slinging 3D printer

Bambu Lab are teasing a new 3D printer, and it looks like an answer to the Prusa MK4

The A1 Mini exists, but what if Bambu Lab created a non-Mini version? That appears to be what Bambu Lab are teasing on their website. Above you can see Bambu Lab’s teaser, where we see a larger bed-slinging 3D printer behind their A1 Mini. On the Bambu Lab website, the words “Big Bro is coming for the Holidays”, suggesting that their new printer is an A1 series printer.

Based on their teaser, I cannot help but think of Prusa’s MK4 3D printer. If the A1 Mini was an answer to the Prusa Mini, this new printer from Bambu appears to be a MK4 competitor. If that’s the case, Prusa Research have a lot to be worried about, as I expect highly competitive pricing from Bambu Lab’s newest 3D printer.

So far, we know nothing about this new 3D printer from Bambu Lab. We know that Bambu are teasing December 14th as a potential release date. However, that tells us nothing about the specifications of their newest 3D printer.

Update – The Bambu Lab A1 secret is out

Albert from the 3D printing YouTube Channel 247printing, has let the cat out of the bag. Bambu Lab are releasing a new 3D printer called the A1. This 3D printer is the bigger brother of the A1 Mini, and it will be compatible with Bambu Lab’s AMS Lite Multi-Material kit.
Our guess is that this 3D printer will be available standalone as alongside the AMS Lite in a bundle (like shown below). Bambu Lab have teased a release date of December 14th, so expect to hear more about this 3D printer then.

You can join the discussion on Bambu Lab’s new 3D printer teaser on the OC3D Forums.

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