Adobe, NVIDIA, Broadcom Partner to Improve Flash

Adobe, NVIDIA, Broadcom Partner to Improve Flash
Adobe hopes to bring GPU and hardware acceleration for its Flash platformAdobe has joined hands with NVIDIA and Broadcom to bring about radical changes to its Flash platform. The graphics software giant hopes to revamp Flash in terms of its speed and performance.
Flash brings great functionality to a number of applications, but it is also drains the system’s resources badly. This has limited its applicability and use. By working with NVIDIA and Broadcom, Adobe is trying to iron out these difficulties. The aim is to get GPU acceleration for Adobe Flash Player from NVIDIA and hardware accelerated playback of HD based Flash video content on Atom systems from Broadcom.
By tying up with NVIDIA, Adobe is reportedly upgrading its Flash Player to make it ready for GPU acceleration on all NVIDIA GPUs. Such acceleration should remove the resource hog label from the player and make it better compatible with older NVIDIA based desktops and laptops. Through compatibility with NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra platform, Adobe is also attempting to make Flash player a usable option for MIDs and smartphones.
The work with Broadcom is expected to improve the speed at which HD content plays on the Flash player in websites such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer, CBS, and The boost is targeted for Atom based netbooks sporting Broadcom Crystal HD in particular. Again, the target is minimal usage of system power and resources.
Both projects are moving simultaneously and results are expected to become visible next year.
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