AMD plans to invest $135 million to expand its operations in Ireland

AMD plans to invest $135 million to expand its operations in Ireland

AMD aims to create 290 new jobs in Ireland with a focus on R&D for next generation AI, Data Centre, Networking and 6G Communications Infrastructure solutions

AMD has announced a huge investment that will significantly expand the company’s prescience in Ireland. This investment expands AMD’s, formerly Xilinx’s R&D and engineering operations in the country, resources that will be focused on Adaptive Computing, AI, Data Center, and networking products. 

Ireland is currently one of AMD’s largest R&D sites in Europe, and it has a history of success under Xilinx. With AMD acquiring Xilinx in 2022, AMD hopes to build on Xilinx’s success and utilise the company’s technology and resources to improve AMD’s core products. With the world’s focus on AI growing, AMD’s investment in Xilinx now makes more sense than ever, and AMD’s investment in Ireland can be seen as an effort to grow this part of their business.

AMD’s investments in Ireland are supported by IDA (Industrial Development Agency) Ireland, a government organisation that focuses on foreign direct investment in the country. AMD’s investment in Irish expansion will cost $135 million, and will see the creation of 290 new jobs.

Below is what AMD has to say about their expansion in Ireland.

AMD plans to invest $135 million to expand its operations in Ireland

Press Release – AMD Announces Plan to Invest $135 Million to Expand Adaptive Computing Research, Development and Engineering Operations in Ireland

AMD today announced plans for continued growth in Ireland through an investment of up to $135 million over four years. The investment is intended to fund several strategic R&D projects through the addition of up to 290 highly skilled engineering and research positions, as well as a broad range of additional support roles. The development is being formally announced in Dublin today by Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney TD, and Ruth Cotter, senior vice president, Marketing, Communications and Human Resources at AMD. The new investment is supported by the Irish government through IDA Ireland.

“I warmly welcome the ambitious plans of AMD to expand their advanced R&D and engineering operations in Ireland. This significant investment will not only bolster our thriving technology sector but also create long-term career opportunities for both highly experienced professionals and new graduates from engineering disciplines. The company’s plans to add up to 290 new positions and its funding of strategically important R&D projects demonstrate its confidence in Ireland’s supportive enterprise environment and infrastructure. The Irish government, through IDA Ireland, is delighted to support this expansion, further solidifying our commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for research, development, and engineering,” said Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

“From the cloud and PCs to communications and intelligent end points, AMD’s high-performance and adaptive computing solutions play an increasingly larger role in shaping the future of computing today. For nearly three decades, Ireland has been a flagship European R&D centre developing adaptive computing solutions, drawing from a strong and highly-skilled workforce. By further investing and expanding our presence in Dublin and Cork, we are committed to continuing to both drive innovation in Ireland and to support the European semiconductor ecosystem. Through this investment, our R&D teams in Ireland will design innovative high-performance and adaptive computing engines to accelerate data centre, networking, 6G communications and embedded solutions while taking a leadership position on artificial intelligence,” said Ruth Cotter, senior vice president, Marketing, Communications and Human Resources at AMD.

Prior to the acquisition of Xilinx by AMD in 2022, Xilinx partnered with IDA Ireland on a number of occasions to advance semiconductor innovation in Ireland. Most recently, in 2017, Xilinx announced a $40 million investment to expand its research, development and engineering operations, as well as recruit over 100 new skilled employees.

“This investment will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible while contributing further to Ireland’s position as a global technology leader. This expansion further strengthens the company’s presence in Ireland as a leading centre of semiconductor innovation and puts Ireland at the heart of AMD’s European research and engineering operations. IDA Ireland has been proud to support AMD and previously Xilinx for nearly three decades and is committed to supporting investments of scale that impact positively on Europe’s semiconductor industry,” said Michael Lohan, chief executive officer, IDA Ireland.

The Irish site was first established in 1994 as the first purpose-built Xilinx site outside of the U.S. and began its operations a year later with a focus on manufacturing, operations support, engineering and administration services. Since the acquisition of Xilinx, Ireland is now home to one of the largest AMD R&D sites in Europe with a strong record of delivering products with significant commercial success, such as the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC semiconductor product family.

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