ARCHOS Introduces 3 Feature-Rich Systems

ARCHOS Introduces 3 Feature-Rich Systems
The ARCHOS 9 PCTabletSmall storage manufacturer ARCHOS recently unveiled three new products including the ARCHOS 9 PCTablet, the ARCHOS 10s MiniPC, and the ARCHOS 13 ultra-portable laptop. ARCHOS claims that its ARCHOS 9 is the tablet of the future while the ARCHOS 13 is the perfect ultra-mobile PC for those on the move.
The ARCHOS 9 offers some impressive computing power through its Intel ATOM Z515 processor while the Windows 7 OS makes it the first tablet to be based on Microsoft’s latest offering. It also features an 80GB HDD, Bluetooth, and 2 antennas for DVBT TV reception, all packed into an ultra-slim 0.63in casing. At just 800g, the stunning black finish tablet is a classic and elegant system.
ARCHOS has replaced the traditional tablet keyboard with a virtual keyboard on the 9 PCTablet. The resistive touchscreen is easy to use and has an optical trackpoint that allows users to surf the web and communicate with speed and precision. An impressive combination of features packaged in an equally attractive offering!
The ARCHOS 10s MiniPCAlongside the ARCHOS 9, the manufacturer also showed off its previously announced ARCHOS 10s “MiniPC” range. At just 0.866in, the ARCHOS 10s is the slimmest MiniPC in the market. The white and brushed-steel grey casing is made of aluminium and magnesium to give the MiniPC an enviable weight of just 2.2 pounds.
The 10s features an Intel ATOM 1.6GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 80GB HDD. The 10.2in ultra-bright LED backlit screen provides excellent clarity while saving on the battery. Wi-Fi, 3-G ready USB ports, and an integrated webcam make the ARCHOS 10s a truly mobile laptop.
Last but definitely not the least ARCHOS introduced its full-fledged 13in laptop in the form of the ARCHOS 13. Powered by an unspecified Intel ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processor, the notebook features a 120GB SATA HDD and a 13.3in backlit LED screen with 1280×800 pixel resolution. The 10-cell battery gives it impressive battery life, but without piling on additional weight.
The ARCHOS 13 ultra-mobile laptopAt just 2.2 pounds and 1.08in thickness, the ARCHOS 13 is the perfect balance between performance, battery life, and attractive aesthetics. The manufacturer claims the notebook packs enough power to handle traditional applications and high definition multimedia with equal ease.
The only shortcoming in the systems seem to be the storage capacities, which at 80GB and 120GB respectively, are definitely on the lower said. But on the whole, some great products to watch out for! What remain to be seen are the price tags that ARCHOS places on systems.
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