ASUS announces their ROG Aura Terminal for RGB lighting

ASUS announced their ROG Aura Terminal

ASUS announces their ROG Aura Terminal

ASUS has officially introduced their ROG Aura terminal, a product which is designed to control ARGB lighting products both inside and outside of a user’s gaming system. 

Out of the box, the ROG Aura terminal will ship with three addressable RGB LED strips, two 30cm strips and a single 60cm strip alongside three extension cables. This bundle will allow the unit to offer enough lighting to illuminate the inside of most PC cases or to create a “Halo” around a monitor. 

ASUS’ Halo lighting can be used to detect what is on screen and force each LED to emit appropriate colours to add extra colour to the viewer’s field of vision, making games and movies more immersive. Halo will use the processing power of your graphics card to detect what is on screen, requiring the use of Windows 10 and a dedicated graphics card using HDMI or DisplayPort. 

The ROG Aura Terminal will support four channels of addressable RGB LED, all of which support WS28112B RGB LED devices, with each channel supporting a maximum of 90 LEDs or a maximum LED count of 210 per Aura Terminal. Power for this unit can come from a Molex connection if inside a PC or by using a 19V DC power adapter when used as an external unit. Cables are provided that can allow this unit to be connected to a PC using both internal and external USB 2.0 ports.   

ASUS’ Aura Sync Terminal included 2.5-inch mounting holes to support standard SSD case mounts and rubber feet for external use. The unit also contains integrated RGB lighting, which backlights the unit’s ROG logo. The Aura Terminal includes several built-in lighting effects, which can be used when used without either Aura or Halo software on a connected PC. 

ASUS announced their ROG Aura Terminal  

At this time ASUS has not revealed the pricing or release date of their ROG Aura Terminal, though it is expected to be showcased at Computex. 

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