ASUS further improves their RMA process with a new contact option

ASUS takes further steps to improve their customer support with new “Executive Care” email

Recent weeks has seen ASUS take major steps to improve their RMA process and product repair services. Last month, the company provided a detailed update on how their customer services were changing. Now, ASUS are taking things a step further by allowing dissatisfied users to email them directly to deal with ongoing disputes.

Below is what ASUS has added to their “Service Update” plans. This includes an “Executive Care” contact email and an email template. This template will allow ASUS to deal with claims as efficiently as possible, with ASUS planning to respond to emailed claims within a week.

How to File a Dispute with ASUS Customer Support
Jun 14, 2024

From the ASUS Service team, we deeply apologize for the issues with our service.

Our RMA communications and repair services have not consistently met the high standards we aim for. We want to make things right. If you’ve had a negative experience with our customer support, please let us know. We want to do better. Contact us at [email protected] and share your experience using the template below. We are here to listen and improve.

Your Name (as listed in your RMA):
RMA Number:
Serial Number:
RMA application country:
Please describe your previous RMA dispute:
Supporting Documents (e.g., charged invoice, quotation notification, photos):
Additional Feedback (optional):

After submitting your claim, please allow us one week to review your case and respond. Our local service team will guide you through the appropriate next steps. We’re committed to transparency, fairness, and doing what’s right for our customers.

We’re very sorry to anyone who has had a negative experience with our service team. We appreciate your feedback and giving us a chance to make amends.

ASUS’ commitment to enhancing their RMA and repair services

Last month, ASUS promised to improve their support services in the following ways. As a company, they have owned up to the faults in the Customer services, and these actions should result in better outcomes for customers.

  1. Deliver clearer communications in quotation emails
  2. Improve their Video and Photo Documentation (In the US and Canada)
  3. Offer Transparent Repair Reports (Effective September 30th 2024)
  4. Enhance Service Communication (Effective September 30th 2024)
  5. Changes to repair prices for component damage (Now in Effect)
  6. Refine repair options for cosmetic damage (Now in Effect)
  7. Improved Quotation Accuracy (Now in Effect)

Hopefully, ASUS’ problems with their customer services will be a thing of the past. That said, it will take time for ASUS to regain the lost trust of their customers.

You can join the discussion on ASUS’ vow to further improve their RMA processes on the OC3D Forums.

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