Boston Dynamics reveals their new Atlas robot, and it is more than a little creepy

Boston Dynamic has a new Atlas robot, and it is more humanoid, and creepy, than its predecessor

One day after retiring their old Atlas robot, Boston Dynamics as revealed its successor. The next generation of Atlas is here, featuring an all-electric design, and a more humanoid appearance.

In the video below, Boston Dynamics first shows their new Atlas robot lying on the floor, only to rise up with movements reminiscent of horror films. The new Atlas features a greater range of movement than its predecessor, and its use of electric motors over hydraulics make its movements less jerky and more refined. With this new design, Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas robot is stronger, more agile, and more dextrous than its predecessor. Don’t let is cute design fool you, this is a powerful machine.

Honestly, this machine gives me Imperial droid vibes. Like Rogue One’s K2-SO, this robot was made to be a workhorse, and I wouldn’t want to get on its bad side. Jokes aside, Boston Dynamics has confirmed that this new robot is getting ready for pilot testing at Hyundai factories next year. Full production for this machine is said to be a few years away.

Like its last generation counterpart, this new Atlas robot is capable of lifting and manoeuvring objects. The robot features many gripper variations to make it suitable for a wide range of industrial environments. With its new swivelling joints, this new robot is well-suited to “dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks”.

Boston Dynamics will be testing this new robot with a small group of customers over the next few years. The good news is that this robot isn’t ready to take our jobs, at least not yet.

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