Dragon Ball is coming to a UK streaming service for the first time

Soon, UK Anime fans will be able to stream every Dragon Ball series through Crunchyroll

UK anime fans rejoice! Soon, all episodes of Dragon Ball, Z, Z Kai, and GT will be available to stream in the UK through Crunchyroll. This will be the first time that all series’ of Dragon Ball will be available to stream in the UK. Before now, fans of the franchise had to rely on DVDs, Blu Rays, old VHS tapes, VPNs, or less legal means to access Goku’s story in the UK. Soon, everything will be available in one place.

Below is Crunchyroll’s announcement that the series is coming to their platform.

The Dragon Ball catalog on Crunchyroll is expanding! Crunchyroll has announced that over 800 episodes of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and more will soon stream on the service in the United Kingdom and France—kicking off with the original Dragon Ball series in English sub, English dub, French sub and French dub on February 9.

On February 9th, Crunchyroll users in the UK and France will be able to watch Goku’s original journey to find the Dragon Balls. All 153 episodes of the original series will be available to stream in both subbed and dubbed forms. In March, Z, Z Kai, and GT will also become available to stream. On Crunchyroll, Super has been available to stream since it was originally aired.

In total, over 800 episodes of Dragon Ball content will soon be available to stream in the UK through Crunchyroll. At this time it is unknown if the series’ special episodes, such as Bardock – Father of Goku, and The History of Trunks will become available to stream through Crunchyroll.

You can join the discussion on the entire Dragon Ball catalog coming to Crunchyroll on the OC3D Forums.

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