Dragon Takes To The Ring With YOYOTechs Latest Range

Dragon Takes To The Ring With YOYOTech’s Latest Range YOYTech logo

YOYTech and AMD's Dragon platformYOYOTech has launched a range of ‘Black Edition’ systems, using AMD’s latest Dragon Platform Technology, with prices starting at just £649.Every system in the range uses the AMD Phenom II 940 processor with a 790GX chipset mainboard and is supplied with a high-end ATI Radeon graphics card.

“Over the past 10 years, YOYOTech has built up a solid customer based of hardcore enthusiasts and overclockers, all of whom really know how to get the most performance for their money”, said CK, YOYOTech’s Managing Director. “The Phenom II 940 processor looks set to take AMD back to its overclocking best”.

Discussing the overclockability of the new technology, CK said, “My technicians were really impressed. Even using a relatively mainstream cooler like the OCZ Gladiator, we were able to move the Black Edition’s 3GHz core speed up by more than 600MHz, without stressing the system. That gives you an idea of the massive kind of performance headroom that AMD has built into its Dragon Platform Technology and the immediate benefits customers will get from a chip created using a refined 45nm process”.

“As a result of this additional performance headroom, all of YOYOTech’s ‘Black Edition’ systems will be pre-clocked for monster performance – straight out of the box”, said CK. “How much will depend on the model. We’re also pushing hard on graphics performance as well, using the latest 790GX chipset mainboards with support for ATI’s CrossFire X”.

YOYOTech’s Dragon 940 ‘Black Edition’ systems start at just £649 and include the top of the range Dragon 940XT for just £899.

YOYOTechDragon 940 YOYOTech 940XT

Power and performance at a very reasonable price.

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