Ebuyer has been bought out, and its new owners are planning a huge expansion

Ebuyer has been bought out, and its new owners are planning a huge expansion

Ebuyer now has new owners, and they are planning to “scale to incredible new heights”

Ebuyer, one of the UK’s largest technology retailers, has been bought out by the investor Mark Reed and industry veteran Rich Marsden for an undisclosed sum. 

Amongst other products, Ebuyer sells PC components, that include CPUs, motherboards, memory, and more, and also sells laptops, televisions, monitors, and a huge range of other electronics, storage, and smart home products. In 2021 the company had a turnover of £241 million and the company currently employs over 200 people. 

Previously, Ebuyer was owned by West Retail Group, who have operated the company for 19 years. Now, under Mark Reed and Rich Marsden, Ebuyer’s operations are due to be scaled up, with Reed acting as Ebuyer’s new chairman and Marsden taking on the role of CEO. 

Below is what Mark Reed had to say about Ebuyer’s acquisition on LinkedIn. Note that Reed plans to “scale [Ebuyer] to incredible new heights.”

    I am extremely excited and proud to announce today the outright acquisition of UK online retailer, ebuyer.com. For those of you that do not know, the business has been the leader for all things technology over the past 20 years, with revenues over £200m and yet we have a huge plan to scale. A huge amount of hard work has gone in to get us to this stage and it is with thanks to Rich Marsden, West Retail Group (seller) and our newly appointed CFO Alison Rose I am so happy to be working with Rich again. Trust and respect are what has kept the relationship with Rich Marsden and I over the past 20 years, and it is that basis that this acquisition and his leadership stems from.

I will assume role as Executive Chairman for ebuyer and will continue my Heaven role alongside this.
Ebuyer.com has experienced monumental success in recent years but there is so, so much more to come. Rich and I have a robust plan for ebuyer to see this business scale to incredible new heights.

First day in the ebuyer office today, to meet the team and start the journey. Great way to spend my birthday too!

Ebuyer has been bought out, and its new owners are planning a huge expansion

The good news about Ebuyer’s acquisition is that it should heat up competition within the UK’s electronics market, as it looks like some big changes are coming to Ebuyer. Following the acquisition of Ebuyer, the company will retail all of its assets and staff, and it is clear that the company is eying expansion, not cutbacks.

There has been speculation that Reed and Marsden plans to expand Ebuyer into the EU, challenging Overclockers.co.uk owners CaseKing within the European market. Reed has also stated that they plan on “developing own gaming and PC lines”, which means that Ebuyer are likely to enter the pre-built PC market soon.

Within the UK, Ebuyers new owners and their expansion plans are a clear sign that competition is going to heat up within the UK’s PC components and electronics markets. Should companies like Overclockers UK and Scan be worried? You can join the discussion on Ebuyer’s buy out on the OC3D Forums.