Element Light Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 15 hours

Element Light Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 15 hours

Element Light Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 15 hours

Photon Lab has hit Kickstarter with a new series of interactive lighting solutions, offering a level of modularity and interactivity that are seemingly unparalleled within the industry, packing sound reactivity motion sensing capabilities and a total of 55 addressable RGB LEDs per panel.    

Introducing Photon Labs’ Element Light, a unique lighting solution which ships in the form of 8-inch hexagonal lighting plates, which can be attached together to create a wide variety of lighting setups that can be controlled using a range of smart devices.  

So far, Element Light has smashed Photon Lab’s $66,600 Kickstarter goal, making the company’s Kickstarter successful within 15 hours of starting. On Kickstarter, Photon Labs promised software support for iOS and Android Devices, support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and generic touch, motion and sound controls.

In the video below, Photon Labs also showcases how the addressable nature of each panel’s RGB LEDs can be used to create highly custom solutions that can track time, for a real-time clock, follower counts on websites like Twitch or YouTube or act as a notifications system for other applications. Photon Labs promises that their Element lighting kits will be “Developer Friendly” which opens the door to a wide range of potential use cases.  

Each Element Light panel consumers six watts of power and can produce 500 lumens of light, making each of these panels highly efficient lighting solutions. Up to 21 of these panels can also be attached to a single power supply to create an incredibly intricate lighting setup. 

On Kickstarter, Photon Labs promises a six-panel lighting kit for as little as $80 (Early Bird), 9-piece kits for $99 (Early Bird) and a 20 panel kit for $199 (Early Bird). These prices are significantly lower than Photon Labs’ planned retail pricing for their Element Lighting kits. 

If you want to learn more about Photon Labs’ Element Light system, you can view the company’s Kickstarter campaign here. Photon Labs plans to start shipping their Element Lighting in July.

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