EVGA comments on Taiwan Office rumours – “EVGA is still in buisness”

EVGA comments on Taiwan Office rumours -

“EVGA is still in business”, but the company appears to be “winding down”

In response to recent rumours of mass resignations at EVGA, the company has released a statement to confirm that EVGA is still in business and that overclockers Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido still works for the company. 

In their statement, which can be read below, EVGA has stated that they are committed to supporting their customers, indicating that the business does not intend to close down anytime soon.

    Our Taiwan office is still operational and Kingpin is still with EVGA. EVGA is still in business and supporting its customers .

In a new video by Gamers Nexus, the YouTube channel gave PC builders a glimpse into EVGA’s future, showcasing footage of KINGPIN and his colleagues confirming that EVGA has “no next project” when it comes to motherboards when asked by Gamer’s Nexus “What’s the next Project”. 

Below is what Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido had to say to Steve from Gamers Nexus. This comment suggests that KINGPIN will leave EVGA after his current projects are competed, and that EVGA’s motherboard division is due to close at some point in the future. 

There’s no next project, man. We won’t be colleagues anymore. So sad. 

EVGA is “winding down”

In the Gamers Nexus video above, it is said that EVGA’s current owner and CEO wants to retire, does not want to sell the company, and has not put in place a successor to run EVGA in his stead. In the video it is clearly stated that EVGA appears to be “winding down”, which means that the company appears to be slowly moving out of the PC market and towards closure.

For now, EVGA does not appear to be close to closure, but the company is not likely to grow or expand in any way moving forward. If EVGA is indeed winding down, the company will slowly exit areas of the PC market and disappear from existence. 

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