From Memes to Reality – The Xbox Series S Toaster is now Real

Need Xbox toast in your life? You can now buy an Xbox Series S toaster in the US

Xbox has a habit of turning memes into real products. Back in 2021, Microsoft created the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, and now the Xbox Series S toaster is a reality. It even imprints an Xbox logo onto whatever you toast. Yes, you can now have official Xbox branded toast!

The Xbox Series S toaster is currently available in the US for $39.99 through Walmart. It is unknown if this product will be sold internationally. The toaster itself is a standard 2-slice toaster with a crumb tray, six “browning levels”, and a defrost function. Pretty standard toaster functions. The Xbox toaster also claims to have a “no burn outer surface” and anti-jam functions.

This product makes us wonder what other Xbox products Microsoft may have planned. An Xbox Series S boombox? and Xbox Series S portable stove? If these products are successful, perhaps Sony will respond with a PlayStation 5 router or a PlayStation 3 grill.

Rumour has it that Microsoft are already working on a next-generation Xbox. The company may even launch the console as early as 2026 with a Zen 5 CPU and RDNA 5 graphics. One can only imagine what appliances the next-generation Xbox will look like. Perhaps it will look like a kettle, an air fryer or maybe a coffee maker? One has to wonder what other memes Microsoft are trying to turn into real products. There’s clearly a market for that kind of thing.

You can join the discussion on the Xbox Series S toaster on the OC3D Forums.

Mark Campbell

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