Hackers appear to have created a working Nintendo Switch Flash Cart

Alleged Nintendo Switch Flash Cart appears in online video

A video has appeared online showcasing what appears to be the world’s first working “flash cart” for Nintendo’s Switch gaming system.

The video, which was posted by “After Time X” on Twitter/X, showcases a cartridge that appears to utilise a MicroSD card for storage. The cartridge appears to support several games, and reportedly works on all Switch firmware revisions.

This Switch cartridge replacement will reportedly launch in early 2024. Early units are said to be shipping in January in limited quantities.

At this time, it is unknown how this Switch cartridge works. It is also unknown if Nintendo will be able to break this device with new firmware updates.

At this time, we cannot confirm if this Switch flash cart is a legitimate product. While we can see how some switch users will see this as a useful product, it is hard not to see this as a piracy product. Nintendo will no doubt do what they can to prevent these flash carts becoming popular.

In essence, this new cartridge appears to be a Swich version of the popular R4 carts for DS/3DS handhelds. Like those cartridges, we can expect Nintendo to use whatever legal means possible to prevent the sale of these cartridges.

You can join the discussion on the Switch’s rumoured flash cart on the OC3D Forums.

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