Is this Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim? Revised PS5 design spotted

Is this Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim? Revised PS5 design spotted

Alleged video of Sony’s planned PlayStation 5 Slim have appeared online

A video has started circulating online that showcases what appears to be a new PlayStation 5 model, a model that features a new case design and my include a detachable disk drive.

While some insiders are calling the new design Sony’s PlayStation 5 “Slim” model, the new version does not appear to be much slimmer than Sony’s Standard PlayStation 5, with the major design difference between this model and Sony’s existing PS5 designs being a black slit that is in the center of the system. It has been claimed that the disk drive of this new PS5 model can be removed. 

When looking at the bottom of this new PS5 design, it is clear that the bottom of Sony’s new PS5 is slimmer, and the system itself is said to be around 5cm shorter than a standard PS5. 

For the most part, this alleged PS5 slim design retains much of the visual identity of Sony’s original PlayStation 5 design while making the system notably smaller. While the PlayStation 5 is still a large gaming system, this new model’s reduced height and width should make the new system a lot easier to fit within a broad range of home entertainment setups.

Sony have started selling their original PlayStation 5 systems at reduced prices, and it is possible that these pricing reductions intended to reduce the supply of original PlayStation 5 system ahead of the release of new “slimmer” models. 

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