Meta reveals their Next-Gen Quest 3 VR headset

Meta reveals their Next-Gen Quest 3 VR headset

Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset is launching this fall, and it features some huge upgrades

Meta has officially revealed their next-generation Quest 3 VR headset, a successor to their popular Quest 2 VR headset that offers users a 40% slimmer profile, higher resolution screens, and redesigned controllers. Additionally, the headset contains a new Qualcomm SOC that has double the graphics performance of its predecessor, enabling the creation of more graphically impressive games. 

Like the Quest 2, the Quest 3 is a VR headset that features “inside-out” tracking, which means that the headset requires no wires or an external tracking system to function. All users need to do it put the headset on, and they can play the latest games in VR. 

Sadly, the Quest 3 is not going to be an inexpensive headset, with the headset’s baseline 128GB model costing $499.99 at launch. Models with more storage will cost more, and the headset does not appear to support MicroSD cards or external storage options. 

Meta plans to reveal more of the Quest 3’s hardware specifications closer to the headset’s launch, but right now we can confirm that the headset features pancake lenses, a feature that delivers increased visual sharpness over the Quest 2’s lense designs. Meta has also confirmed that their tracking technology has improved significantly, allowing the Quest 3’s controllers to feel more natural, as they have ditched the tracking rings that previous designs had. These controllers also feature a new haptics technology called TruHaptics.

Meta has confirmed that they will have a lot more to share about their Quest 3 VR headset on September 27th, the date of their next Meta Connect event.

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