Nintendo has cancelled their Switch Pro console – Digital Foundry claims

Nintendo has cancelled their Switch Pro console - Digital Foundry claims

Nintendo’s reportedly planning to release a next-generation console in 2024

In Digital Foundry’s latest podcast, John Linneman has claimed that Nintendo has cancelled their mid-generation Switch refresh, and have now moved their plans onto next-generation hardware that will likely launch in 2024.

Instead of creating a “Switch Pro” console, Nintendo are opting to create a new console, a system that could be called the “Switch 2”. This gaming system will likely be a new handheld that will feature a new mobile SoC from Nvidia, which will likely feature ray tracing support, DLSS AI upscaling support, and feature more CPU cores and support for more DRAM. 

Below is what John Linneman had to say about Nintendo’s new console plans.   

   I think at one point internally, from what I can understand from talking to different developers, is that there was some sort of mid-generation Switch update planned at one point, and that seems to be no longer happening. And thus, it’s pretty clear that whatever they do next is going to be the actual next-generation hardware. I don’t think it is going to be 2023, and I think that Nintendo is probably, likely, very nervous about this transition.   

Nintendo’s aim with their next-generation gaming system is to continue the success that the company had with their Switch console. Typically, Nintendo’s console hardware launches have a success failure cycle, with the lacklustre GameCube being followed by the hugely successful Wii console and then the poorly recieved Wii U system. Nintendo will be working hard to ensure that their next-generation console launch is a success, and that means that they should be working on a number of high quality launch titles that make good use of their next-generation hardware.   

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