PSP Go Mystery Unravelled

PSP Go Mystery Unravelled
The shroud has been lifted off Sony's new PSP Go Sony’s secret PSP project is no longer secret; photos of the new PSP Go have been leaked in the latest edition of Sony’s Qore online magazine. The photos reveal that the PSP Go will be a slider, with many changes from the current version of PSP.
One of the biggest changes in the new gaming device is the removal of the UMD drive, which has been replaced by 16GB of flash memory for game storage. For players who require more storage space, the Memory Stick slot should come in handy. The Go is also 43% lighter than its predecessor, the PSP 3000.
Controls are located underneath the 3.8in long sliding screen, which moves upward to get the game play going. An analogue joystick has also been provided for ease of play. While it is not clear if Wi-Fi connectivity from the original PSP 3000 has been retained, the PSP Go does come with a new Bluetooth radio.
The gaming console is ready to be officially launched at E3 this week and gamers across the world can look forward to getting their hands on the new device. At the same time, fans of the PSP 3000 can take heart; Sony has no plans of scrapping this highly popular bestseller.
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