RGB is coming to D&D with Pixels’ customisable dice

RGB is coming to D&D with Pixels' upcoming customisable dice

RGB is coming to D&D with Pixels’ customisable dice

Tabletop Role-Playing-Games are all about customisation, be it in the form of unique characters, settings, quests or monsters. This enthusiasm often extends to other aspects of these games, with stylised die, character artwork and painted miniatures being commonplace amongst hardcore D&D groups. 

In an effort to bring this customisation to new levels, Pixels has decided to bring RGB lighting to the world of tabletop RPGs, with plans to create illuminated D4, D6, D8, D10 / D100, D12 and D20 dice. These dice will be customisable using Bluetooth on Android and iOS devices, allowing these dice of delivering a rainbow of colour on a roll or unique lighting whenever critical hits or natural 1s are rolled. 

Later this year, Pixels plans to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of their product, stating that they have plans to offer multiple base colour schemes as well as other alternative designs. This Kickstarter is due to start in, or around, June 2020. 

These dice can be charged using an inductive charging case, with integrated Bluetooth support enabling user customizability. These dice are expected to cost $25-30 per die and be fairly well balanced (this will need to be confirmed by a 3rd party). Here’s what pixels have to say about the balance of their die on their website’s FAQ section. 



They are very close. Thanks to their construction, the dice don’t have any major air pocket or heavy side that would cause them to be uneven.


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