Sabrent starts their Amazon UK sale on adapters, docks, and Thunderbolt cables

Sabrent delivers great deals on Amazon UK for its docks, hubs, and cables

Over the past few years, Sabrent have quickly grown to become a major manufacturer of PC storage solutions and accessories. At CES 2024, we saw Sabrent push the limits of PCIe 5.0 storage with their new Rocket 5 SSD. Sabrent were also one of the first manufacturers to embrace the M.2 2230 SSD form factor with their Rocket 2230 SSD.

Right now, Sabrent are one of our favoured manufacturers of SSD enclosures and USB hubs. Simply put, we have never had any issues with their products. That statement is based on personal use, as we have not officially reviewed any of these products on the website.

Today, Sabrent have informed us of a number of deals for their USB hubs, docks, and cables. Here are some of our favourite deals that Sabrent are currently offering UK customers.

Let’s start off with their USB hubs. Let’s face it, most modern laptops do not ship with enough USB ports, and even for desktop users hubs can be used to place USB ports at much more convenient locations. Most setups can be improved with a good USB hub, and below we have two solid options for USB and Thunderbolt 4 users.

Sabrent Steam Deck and ROG Ally Docking Solutions

I love my Steam Deck, and while it is a handheld gaming system, it is a surprisingly versatile system when combined with a docking solution. The same is true for handhelds like the ROG Ally.

A dock can turn a Steam Deck or an ROG Ally into a Steam Deck like gaming system, or into a compact desktop system. At a minimum, it gives you a great place to store your system safely. It’s also a great place to charge your system while it is not in use. With the right connected setup, it can be used as portable desktop. Below are two of Sabrent’s Steam Deck/ROG Ally Docks


High Quality Thunderbolt cables

When it comes to buying cables, by advice is to stick with brands that have a good reputation. Too many companies try to advertise their cables as supporting higher standards than the can in reality. This is especially true with HDMI 2.1 cables and Thunderbolt cables. Sabrent is a solid brand, and I have faith in their cables. Below, are some of their Thunderbolt cable deals.

Personally, I use Sabrent USB hubs and other products daily. As such, I have not problems recommending them. They have always worked as intended for me. That’s more than I can say for some other manufacturers.

You can join the discussion on Sabrent’s UK deals on the OC3D Forums.

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