Sony quietly launches a revised PlayStation 5 system

Sony quietly launches a revised PlayStation 5 system

Sony quietly launches a revised PlayStation 5 system

Sony has just launched a new, revised version of their PlayStation 5 console, sporting the new CFI-1102A designation, rather than the CFI-1000 model numbers of earlier systems. 

According to press-start, stock for these new consoles have reportedly landed in Australia, and gamers have claimed that new PlayStation 5 shipments to the UK also include Sony’s newly revised PlayStation 5. 

What’s new about Sony’s new PlayStation 5 is its inclusion of updated stand mounting hardware and a total system mass 300 grams lighter than Sony’s original PlayStation5 system. 

Below we can see a new mounting screw for the PlayStation 5’s stand, designed to be usable without a screwdriver. This makes Sony’s PlayStation 5 more user-friendly, allowing users to install the system’s stand without tools. 

Sony quietly launches a revised PlayStation 5 system(Left, new screw, right, old screw)  

Are new PlayStation 5 consoles lighter? 

The quick answer to this question is that we don’t know yet. So far, we have not found a source that can verifiably confirm that Sony’s new CFI-1102A are more lightweight than their predecessors. That said, it is noteworthy that these new consoles have appeared on store shelves mere weeks after Sony declared their PlayStation 5 system profitable to manufacture. 

There is an obvious question here; has this new PlayStation 5 model made the system cheaper to produce? Has Sony reduced the cost of PlayStation 5 manufacturing by making the system more lightweight?

One possibility that would explain the system’s 300-gram weight reduction is a change to the PlayStation 5’s heavy heatsink. Without a full teardown of a new CFI-1102A series PlayStation 5, we cannot definitively comment on such a change. That said, an optimised heatsink design has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost and weight of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. 

It is not unusual for manufacturers to tweak the design of their systems over time, as parts often vary in price, and it is often cheaper to switch over to more affordable parts when replacements can be sourced. We will report again on these new model PlayStation 5 consoles when more information is available. 

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Sony quietly launches a revised PlayStation 5 system