Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new “Large Format” Plus model

Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new

Sovol’s popular Klipper-based SV07 3D printer now has a larger Plus model  

Sovol has today revealed an enlarged version of their popular SV07 3D printer, offering users a larger build volume while retaining all of the modern features that have made the standard SV07 so popular. 

What makes Sovol’s SV07 special? It’s the printer’s full Klipper support and its utilisation of 3D printing’s latest innovations while offering users budget-friendly pricing. The SVO7’s include features like automatic bed levelling, a dual planetary gear direct extruder, a magnetic PEI textured build plate, and support for features like Input Shaping and Pressure Advance to enable ultra-fast print speeds. With hot-end temperatures of up to 300 degrees celcius, this printer can also handle all commonly used filament types. 

So what about the SV07 Plus? 

With Sovol’s new SV07 Plus model, the company are expanding the printer’s printing volume from 220mm x 220mm x 250mm to 300mm x 300mm x 350mm, giving the printer a print volume that is 2.6x larger. This increase in volume allows the SV07 to print much larger objects, or allow smaller objects to be printed in larger batches for increased printing efficiency.

Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new

The SV07 is a fully-fledged Klipper 3D printer that is controlled using a 5-inch touch screen. The printer’s bed levelling is achieved using a sensor that probes 25 areas of the SV07 Plus’ bed before printing, ensuring that users have a smooth first layer experience.

Users of the Sovol SV07 Plus can control their 3D printer through WIFI or manually move files to the printer through USB. This 3D printer does not require an internet connection to work. 

Like all modern 3D printers, the Sovol SV07 Plus features TMC2209 “Silent” drivers to deliver low noise levels, and the printer also features a triple-fan cooling solution to ensure that the printer does not overheat, and that filament is adequately cooled after it is deposited on a print. A filament runout sensor ensures that prints are paused when users need to start a new spool of filament, and a tool drawer has been integrated into the printer to ensure that all necessary tools and parts can be stored with ease.

Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new

If you are new to 3D printing, know that bed levelling was once one of the biggest problems that 3D printing enthusiasts faced. If you couldn’t get your first layer of filament to stick to your print bed, you can’t print anything, and before the invention of auto-levelling systems, it could take a lot of time and effort to level your printer perfectly. Now, most 3D printers ship with an auto-levelling systems, a system that makes bed levelling difficulties a thing of the past. Now, users of 3D printers can print parts with ease, and with a lot less tinkering. 

Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new

Sovol’s SV07 3D printer has been popular with reviewers, and there is little reason to think that the SV07 Plus will be any different. After all, the SV07 Plus is just a larger SV07, so reviews of the standard SV07 should tell you everything that you need to know about its bigger brother.


SOVOL’s SV07 PLUS 3D printer is available for $499.99, but early purchasers will be able to purchase the printer for $319.99, which is a significant discount when compared to the printer’s MSRP. The printer’s pricing will increase with sales until the printer is available for its full $499.99 asking price.

For more information about the Sovol SV07 Plus, you can look at the printer’s product page.

You can join the discussion on Sovol’s new SV07 PLUS 3D printer on the OC3D Forums.  

Sovol super-sizes their SV07 3D printer with their new