The PiS2 is the portable PS2 that you’ve always dreamed of

The PiS2 is the portable PS2 that you've always dreamed of

The PiS2 is the portable PS2 that you’ve always dreamed of

A console modder called Darkwing Mod has recently posted a video to showcase his latest creation, a homemade PS2 portable, complete with a built-in library of games. 

Meet the PiS2, a portable PlayStation 2 console that comes with a Raspberry Pi SMB server enabling games to be played on the console without a DVD drive. The console is said to run without external power for around 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the console giving players around 20 minutes of warning before shutting down. This warning comes when the system’s battery voltage output drops below 6.5V. 

The system loads games over an ethernet port on a Raspberry Pi 2, which is able to run “99% of games running at full speed and smooth FMV”. The system runs using Free MCboot, a method for modding PS2 consoles using an exploited memory card. 

Yes, this console uses real PS2 hardware. No emulation is required here. This should help explain the portable console’s low battery life, as well as the system’s ability to seeming run 99% of games without any issues. This project took several years to complete, having been restarted in 2017 after a lengthy 4-year gap in the console’s development. One other factor that’s worth noting is that this console also supports TV outputs, offer Switch-like Portable and Television modes. 

A lengthy build log for the console’s development is available on the forums, and a video showcasing the build is available below. 


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