Want a chair? Cougar had many options at Computex 2024

Office chair, gaming chair, or armchair? Cougar has options for you at Computex 2024

Maybe we were on our feet a little too long at Computex 2024, but when we got to the Cougar booth we really wanted a sit down. Maybe that’s why Cougar put so many of their chairs on display at the event? Whatever your preference, Cougar seemed to have something for you, be it a mesh-style office chair, or a well padded armchair.

If I had a preference at the time, it was for the wing-backed chair above. Sadly, we couldn’t risk sitting on it at the time. It was late in the day for us, and I feared if we say down that we wouldn’t be able to get back up.

On the more office side of the Cougar chair spectrum we have the company’s new Speeder series of gaming/work chairs. These seats use Chenille Yarn mesh to provide tactile comfort. Additionally, these chairs feature tuneable backrest height, lumbar and seat depth ensure a perfect fit. 3D Hyperrotation armrests rotate within a 225° range, allowing multiple positions whether you’re on mobile, console or reclining. Cougar told us that these chairs were made for users to “work fast… and play hard”

Above we have some more traditional “Gaming” chairs. To the left we have the new “Defensor” chair, and to the right we have the “Terminator”. Personally, I quite like the look of the “Terminator”, which we have been told is available in the UK at the time of writing.

Next up we have chair that are more on the comfort side of the spectrum. Armchairs in various shapes and sizes. We have already declared our preference for the wingback style chair below, tough the grey “Ranger One” also looks pretty nice.

At Cougar’s booth we also had a look at their new PXF Titanium rated power supply. On top of that, we also looked at their new FV270 PC case.

You can join the discussion on Cougar’s Computex 2024 booth on the OC3D Forums.

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