YouTuber creates the world’s first PlayStation 5 Tablet

The PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition looks amazing!

Ever wanted a portable PlayStation 5? A gaming system that you can just place into a backpack and set up at your destination within minutes? DIY Perks has created the world’s first PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition console, merging together Sony’s latest console with an OLED screen.

This custom PlayStation 5 utilises a custom cooling solution, an external power supply, and the innards of on of Sony’s new, slimmer, PlayStation 5 consoles. To deliver a great viewing experience, this tablet-sized PlayStation 5 features an OLED screen. This deliver the best possible viewing experience to gamers, with minimal motion blur and deep inky black levels. To give this system great audio, it also features a custom sound system that features two subwoofers.

Sadly, Sony has no intention to create their own portable PlayStation 5. That said, there is clearly a lot of potential for this form factor of gaming system. This system can be moves from location to location with ease, and can easily fit into most backpacks. All the user needs on location is a power source.

A real PlayStation 5 Tablet

To build this custom PlayStation 5 console, DIY Perks needed to create a custom cooling system with copper heatpipes, liquid metal thermal compound, copper heatsinks, and three high-performance laptop cooling fans. This console is louder than Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 models, but much quieter than most gaming laptops.

DIY Perks has created his PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition as a on-off gaming system. This means that you cannot buy your own PlayStation 5 portable. That said, any electronics enthusiast with the right knowledge and tools could recreate this incredible gaming system.

DIY Perks’ portable PlayStation 5 is an incredible feat of home engineering. Not only is it a functional device, it looks like it could be a real product. I know a lot of people who would love to own a device like this. That said, the price of a device like this would certainly be considerable. After all, it is a PlayStation 5 console with additional complexities.

You can join the discussion on DIY Perks’ PlayStation 5 Tablet Edition on the OC3D Forums.

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