Nvidia’s reportedly testing 250W-600W coolers for their RTX 50 series

RTX 50 series heatsink testing is underway, and 250W to 600W designs are in the works

According to Benchlife, Nvidia are actively working with a heatsink manufacturer on their RTX 50 series of graphics cards. The report has claimed that Nvidia are testing and verifying new cooler designs for their “Blackwell” series products. Four heatsink designs are reportedly underway.

Nvidia are allegedly testing heatsink designs with thermal capacities that range from 250 watts to 600 watts, which makes sense for their “Founders Edition” product line. After all, Nvidia doesn’t tend to release Founders Edition models of lower TDP GPUs. Remember, the no RTX 40 series GPU below the 200W RTX 4070 received a Founders Edition heatsink design.

With Nvidia working on a 600W heatsink, it is possible that Nvidia’s RTX 50 series flagship may be more power-hungry than its predecessor. The RTX 4090 Founders Edition had a TDP of 450 watts. Will Nvidia go higher with their Blackwell flagship? Then again, many RTX 4090 models could have their TDP increased to 600 watts for overclocking.

Recent years have seen Nvidia invest heavily in their heatsink designs. Their RTX “Founders Edition” GPUs often have some of the most appealing heatsink designs. This is especially true for the RTX 30 series and RTX 40 series, both of which use heatsink designs that were unlike anything else on the market at launch.

Rumour has it that Nvidia will be launching their RTX 50 GPU lineup later this year and in throughout 2025. Rumour has it that Nvidia will start by releasing their RTX 5080 this year, with their RTX 5090 coming afterwards.

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