Nvidia to launch their RTX 5080 before their RTX 5090 – Leaker suggests

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 5080 may be the first 50-series GPU to hit store shelves

According to the leaker kopite7kimi, Nvidia may be planning to launch their RTX 5080 graphics card before their next-generation GeForce RTX flagship, the RTX 5090.

Nvidia are due to start releasing their RTX 50 series graphics cards in late 2024. These GPUs will arrive with GDDR7 memory support with Nvidia’s new “Blackwell” graphics architecture. With these changes in mind, these new graphics cards from Nvidia should be much more powerful than their RTX 40 series “Ada” based predecessors.

Some recent reports have claimed that Nvidia will only be releasing their RTX 5090 graphics card this year. Kopite7kimi doesn’t believe these rumours. Not only does the leaker believe that Nvidia’s RTX 5080 will be releasing this year, but they believes that it will be releasing before the RTX 5090.

Nvidia has not officially commented on their next-generation GPU release plans. The company has revealed their Blackwell based datacenter GPUs, but they have not revealed any new gaming products. While there are rumours that Nvidia will reveal their RTX 5090 at Computex 2024, we believe that Nvidia will reveal their Blackwell gaming products at a later event.

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