Nintendo will reveal their Switch 2 console this fiscal year

Nintendo confirms that they will reveal their Switch successor before March 2025

Nintendo has announced that they will be hosting a new Nintendo Direct event this June, but that the event won’t host the reveal of their next-generation “Switch 2” console. However, Nintendo has confirmed that they indeed have a new console in the works, and that it will be revealed during this fiscal year.

Nintendo’s June Direct event will focus on the company’s late 2024 software lineup. Rumour has it that Nintendo are now targeting a early 2025 release timeframe for their “Switch 2” console. That means that none of Nintendo’s late 2024 software releases will be titles for Nintendo’s Switch successor. That said, some of these games may be enhanced/re-released for Nintendo’s new console.

Recent leaks suggest that Nintendo’s new console will feature a new ARM-based SOC from Nvidia. Specifically, the system should feature Nvidia’s Tegra T239 SOC. This chip features 6x more CUDA cores than the original Switch’s SOC. Beyond that, the new SOC will feature a new graphics architecture and will reportedly support Nvidia’s DLSS upscaler. With this new SOC, Nintendo can deliver a huge generational leap in gaming performance with their “Switch 2” console.

Nintendo’s Switch successor will reportedly be a new handheld/console hybrid system. This strategy proves to be incredibly popular with the original Switch console, so there is little reason for Nintendo to pursue a different strategy with their new system. That said, the handheld nature of this system will make it less powerful than PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. After all handheld systems need to consume much less power, and be a lot less bulky than traditional consoles.

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