Nvidia’s RTX 5090 could be revealed at Computex 2024

Press X to Doubt, Nvidia’s reportedly preparing to reveal their RTX 5090 at Computex 2024

According to a new report from “Moore’s Law is Dead“, Nvidia may be preparing to reveal their upcoming RTX 5090 graphics card at Computex 2024. In fact, two of the leakers sources claimed this.

Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 5090 graphics card will be based on the company’s new “Blackwell” GPU architecture. The graphics card will be the company’s most powerful gaming product to date, with recent rumours suggesting that it will be 60-70% faster than its predecessor. The GPU is also set to utilise GDDR7 memory, and may be the first GPU to launch with PCIe 5.0 support.

Moore’s Law is Dead’s sources state that Nvidia are planning to release their RTX 5090 in “Q3 or Q4” 2024. One source, who claims to be working for Nvidia, stated that the GPU will “be for sale by early 2024”. If we assume the early Q4 date is accurate, a Computex 2024 reveal feels somewhat premature. After all, it will give gamers months to wait for Nvidia’s RTX 5090. That doesn’t sound good for potential RTX 4090 sales.

Why I don’t think Nvidia will launch their RTX 5090 at Computex

If Nvidia are planning to launch their RTX 5090 in Q4 2024, a Computex 2024 reveal feels inappropriate. If you want to know why, just look up the “Osborne Effect”. Revealing the RTX 5090 too early will cause a drop in RTX 4090 sales, which is why Nvidia will likely reveal their RTX 5090 closer to launch. If a late Q3 or early Q4 launch is planned, an RTX 5090 reveal at or around GamesCom 2024 would be more appropriate.

A Computex reveal would only be appropriate for Nvidia if they planned to launch their RTX 5090 in the mid-late summer. Why would Nvidia endanger RTX 40 series sales with an early RTX 50 series launch?

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