Alleged Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 memory specifications leak – 77% Bandwidth boost!

Memory spec leaks set high expectations for Nvidia’s RTX 50 “Blackwell” series gaming flagship

Nvidia are preparing their next generation of graphics cards. Now, thanks to Kopite7kimi, an often reliable hardware leaker, we may now know what Nvidia’s next-generation gaming flagship may look like. With faster GDDR7 memory and a wider memory bus, it looks like Nvidia’s RTX 5090 will impress.

Kopite7kimi stands by their earlier claims that Nvidia’s next-generation gaming flagship will feature a 512-bit memory bus. This memory bus is 33% wider than the memory bus on Nvidia’s RTX 4090. This should enable much higher levels of memory bandwidth, and increased GPU memory capacities. With 16Gb (2GB) GDDR memory modules, Nvidia’s next-gen flagship could have 32GB of VRAM.

A 77% combined memory boost for Nvidia’s RTX 5090?

It has also been reported that Nvidia’s RTX 50 flagship will feature 28 Gbps GDDR7 memory modules. These modules are 33% faster than the 21 Gbps memory modules on Nvidia’s RTX 4090. While many GDDR7 memory producers are already marketing 32Gbps GDDR7 modules, Nvidia may be opting for slower speeds initially to reduce costs and increase yields. It also opens the door to a “RTX 50 SUPER series” with faster GDDR7 modules if Nvidia ever wanted to explore that option.

With its wider memory bus and faster GDDR7 memory, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 5090 graphics card should feature 77% more memory bandwidth than their RTX 4090. That’s a huge generational leap in memory performance. This would give Nvidia’s RTX 5090 almost 1,800 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Previous leaks have suggested that Nvidia’s RTX 5090 will be 60-70% faster than their RTX 4090. A 77% increase in memory bandwidth would ensure that Nvidia’s next-generation GPU flagship does not become memory-limited with this level of increased computational performance. It looks like Nvidia are aiming high with their next-generation GPU flagship, though it remains to be seen if any of these rumours are true. Remember, all rumours should be taken with at least little salt.

You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s alleged RTX 50 “Blackwell” specifications on the OC3D Forums.

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