ASUS teases “The Next ROG Ally”

ASUS plans to reveal a new ROG Ally handheld later today

ASUS is ready to reveal their “next ROG Ally” handheld, a new 2024 model that may feature some key improvements over the original. Sadly, nothing is known about this new gaming handheld, though we can make some educated guesses.

Based on ASUS’ teaser, the company’s new Ally handheld will feature a new shape and may feature a black colour scheme. A recent image on ASUS’ ROG Twitter account did show a Black handheld on a shelf after all. Beyond that, we can expect the new model to feature improved MicroSD card placement.

Since AMD has not revealed more powerful mobile gaming SOCs, we don’t expect this new ROG Ally model to feature a new APU. That said, the new Ally could feature boosted performance if it uses faster LPDDR5X memory. The original ROG Ally features 6400 MT/s LPDDR5 memory, but the Lenovo Legion Go features faster 7500 MT/s LPDDR5X memory. Since both handhelds use the same AMD SOC, there is no reason why ASUS’ next Ally system couldn’t feature a memory upgrade.

Another worthwhile upgrade that ASUS could make is to the ROG Ally’s screen. Valve’s Steam Deck OLED has become a hugely successful system, and a lot of that success comes down to its OLED screen. If ASUS upgrades its next Ally system with an OLED screen, gamers would benefit from increased image quality, HDR support, and lower screen latencies. Honestly, this is the biggest upgrade that ASUS could make to their 2024 handheld.

ASUS will reveal their new handheld later today, so expect to hear more about this new gaming product soon.

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