ASUS’ ROG Thor series power supplies are now available to pre-order

ASUS reveals their ROG Thor series power supply

ASUS’ ROG Thor series power supplies are now available to pre-order

Computex 2018 was a big event for ASUS, especially for the Republic of Gamers sub-brand, which declared its entry into several new markets with a lot of fanfare and bravado. 

ASUS didn’t just plan to enter these new markets, they planned to lead, offering their users unique features as well as high-end components.  This could be seen in many of their new products, from the sheer number of accessories that the ROG phone supported, the inclusion of an OLED screen on the company’s Ryou or Ryujin liquid coolers. 

When it came to PSUs, ASUS planned to offer their users 80 Platinum-grade efficiency levels, a 10-year warranty, support for ASUS Aura Sync and an integrated OLED display to monitor power usage.

Now ASUS’ ROG Thor series power supplies are available to pre-order in the UK, coming with 850W and 1200W  variants, both of which ship with an IP5X-certified 135mm wing blade fan and a 0dB cooling mode. 

Pre-order listings suggest that these units are expected to ship in the near future, with the 850W unit shipping for £209.99 while the 1200W version ships for £299.99. The major differences between these units are their power supply capacity and their size, with the 850W unit being 160mm long while the 1200W is considerably longer at 190mm.

ASUS' ROG Thor series power supplies are now available to pre-order int he UK

Each of the LEDs within ASUS’ ROG Thor power supply is addressable using ASUS’ Aura software, allowing users to define their system’s lighting however they wish. The OLED on ASUS’ power supply units are not configurable, only offering users a power readout. The moan downside of ASUS’ new PSUs is the fact that all cases that offer a PSU shroud will over us the ROG Thor, making ASUS’ premium aesthetic go to waste. 

As you can see in the image below, we can see that ASUS has taken the cooling of their Thor series power supply seriously, with ASUS claiming that ROG Thor runs cooler than competing 1200W units, helping ASUS achieve increased longevity for their components. This attention to detail is one of the reasons why ASUS can offer a full 10-year warranty with their first ever high-end power supply.

  ASUS reveals their ROG Thor series power supply

At this time we do not have a shipping date for ASUS’ ROG Thor power supplies, though they are now available for Pre-order from Overclockers UK. 

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