BFG announces LX & MX Series PSU’s

BFG MX & LS Series PSU'sBFG Announces new MX & LS series PSU’s.

BFG have announced two new series of power supply units, the LS and MX. There are currently two PSU’s in each series, with the MX-550 & MX-680, and the LS-550 & LS-680. The difference between the two series is only that one offers modular cables (MX) and the other has fixed cables (LS). All PSU’s feature Quad 12v rails, over-volt, over-current and short circuit protection and utilise BFG Thermal Control Technology too keep them cool and quiet.BFG are claiming over 80 % energy efficiency.

John Malley, senior director of marketing for BFG Technologies said of the new offerings:

“We were careful to put the same attention to detail into the affordable MX and LS Series as we did with our award-winning enthusiast class ES-800 power supply. Features such as fully sleeved cables, long-lasting 105°C rated capacitors, NVIDIA® SLI Certification, and high efficiency are all items typically found on more expensive power supplies.”

The new PSU;s are available to buy now, both in the UK and the US. The MX 550 is currently retailing at Ebuyer for £69.87, with the MX 680 also on offer at Ebuyer for £89.99. The LS 550 retails at around £55 and the LS 680 at around £65. You can view the official product pages at the BFG website. You can also discuss in our forums here.