1996’s Tomb Raider looks fantastic with this RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod

1996's Tomb Raider looks fantastic with this RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod

The Original Tomb Raider is receiving a path tracing overhaul with Nvidia’s RTX Remix technology

It cannot be denied that 1996’s Tomb Raider is a classic. There’s a reason why Tomb Raider is the franchise that it is today, and why the game has spawned so many sequels, remakes, and reboots. Now, Tomb Raider is getting the RTX Remix treatment, and on YouTube a user called Dominus Aurate has showcased a version of Tomb Raider that is fully path traced. 

Visually, Tomb Raider has not aged well, with its early 3D graphics and low resolution textures. The same is true for most 3D games of this era, but with Nvidia’s RTX remix technology, the game has been transformed with atmospheric lighting, and reflections. While this is an early version of this Tomb Raider RTX Remix mod, it does showcase how path tracing can transform the look of older 3D games.

This RTX Remix version of Tomb Raider was created using OpenLara, which uses an open-source engine to to recreate Tomb Raider. This project has been used to create versions of Tomb Raider for a huge number of platforms, including 3DS, Switch, Xbox One, Android, GameBoy Advance, WebGL, and modern versions of Windows. 

In the future, Tomb Raider’s RTX Remix version could be improved with new textures (with PBR properties), and improved environmental lighting effects. That said, Nvidia are yet to release all of their RTX Remix creator tools to the public, limiting what modders can do with Nvidia’s RTX Remix technology. When Nvidia releases these tools, the potential of RTX Remix mods for classis games will be almost limitless.

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