A new update is available for Skyrim, and it is controversial

Skyrim’s new update re-adds paid mods and delivers some neat PC upgrades

Bethesda Game Studios have released a surprise new update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This update adds some great new additions to the RPG’s PC version, but it also brings back paid modding in the form of “Creations”.

Creations combines Skyrim’s existing mods and Creation Club items and moves them into a new “Creations” hub. This hub will allow verified creators to create and sell content for Skyrim Special Edition, with sellers earning royalties for each sale. Today, Creations is rolling our for Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim Anniversary Edition on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Today’s new update for Skyrim also promises stability improvements and new optimisations, which is great news for all gamers. This update also included official Steam Deck support, which should improve the Skyrim Steam Deck playing experience, and officially adds support for ultrawide monitors. This includes 16:10, 21:9, and 32:9 displays. Full patch notes for Skyrim’s new update are available here.

Steam Deck users should now expect Skyrim to run better than ever on their handhelds. With 16:10 resolution support, the game should be able to properly utilise the handheld’s 800p screen. Previously, Skyrim players had to play the game at 720p, preventing players from using the full size of Valve’s Steam Deck display.

Ultra-wide monitor users will also be able to play Skyrim using their full screen widths without any issues. Previously, this required tweaking/modding to achieve. Now, gamers can simply select the resolution they want and play. Simples!

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