AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology is getting Counter Strike 2 players banned

Valve confirms that AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology is getting Counter Strike 2 players VAC banned

Earlier this week, AMD launched their new 23.10.1 driver for their Radeon graphics cards, adding Anti-Lag+ support to Counter Strike 2. Now, both AMD and Valve have confirmed that AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology is triggering Valve’s anti-cheat systems, getting users VAC banned. AMD’s 23.10.1 driver also features optimisations for Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Lords of the Fallen.

Counter Strike 2 released last month, replacing CS:GO, and is now one of the most popular first person shooters on PC. All GPU manufacturers are working to ensure that the game runs as fast as it can on their hardware. This has resulted in the launch of dedicated Counter Strike 2 optimised GPU drivers, and AMD’s quick delivery of Anti-Lag+ support.

AMD and Valve are now working together to address this issue. Valve will work to unban affected accounts when a fix is available. Until further notice, AMD has asked gamers to no enable Anti-Lag+ when playing Counter Strike 2. AMD hopes to address this issue with a new GPU driver update.

Valve has stated that AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology detours engine DLL functions and that this is what has caused VAC bans. AMD are currently working to address this issue, and should release a new graphics driver soon with a new Anti-Lag+ implementation.

Counter Strike 2 also supports Nvidia’s competing Reflex anti-lag technology, which is directly integrated into the game. In contrast, AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology is a driver-level feature that works without any in-game software implementation. This trait is likely to be what’s causing AMD’s VAC ban issue. Right now, AMD appears confident that they can address this issue with a future driver update.

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