AMD’s FSR 3 technology has arrived in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 has been updated with support for AMD’s FSR 3 Frame Generation tech

With update 1.13.11, Farming Simulator 22 has received support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3) technology. This update adds support for AMD’s FSR Frame Generation feature, and improves upon the game’s existing FSR 2 Super Resolution/upscaling feature.

Using FSR 3 upscaling and Frame Generation can significantly improve the framerates of supported games. This allows PC gamers to achieve higher framerates on lower-end hardware, or allow gamers to target higher output resolutions on lower-end GPUs.

Below is what Giants Software, Farming Simulator 22’s developer, had to say about the update.

Farming Simulator 22 now supports AMD FSR 3 on PC, so you can enjoy even smoother farming. Download game update, and activate FSR plus Frame Generation to boost your frame rate on supported graphics cards!

Wait, what’s FSR?

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (in short: AMD FSR) uses upscaling technologies that aim to increase the frame rate. In simplified terms, it first renders Farming Simulator 22 at a lower resolution, but then upscales it using a variety of (very smart & efficient) techniques.

Without sacrificing image quality, you can significantly increase the performance of Farming Simulator 22, especially when demanding settings are enabled. Try it!

AMD’s FSR Frame Generation technology creates additional frames that are placed in-between traditionally rendered frames. This effectively doubles the framerate of games. This enables smoother gameplay on supported games, though the technique does have a latency penalty. Giants Software recommends that Farming Simulator 22 players have a framerate of at least 60 FPS before activating Frame Generation. This will ensure the smoothest possible gaming expereince. 120 FPS farming FTW!

Farming Simulator 22 is the latest games to support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 technology. Games that support FSR 3 today include Ubisoft’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Call of Duty Warzone, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. In 2024, we expect the adoption of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 technology to grow significantly.

You can join the discussion on FSR 3 coming to Farming Simulator 22 on the OC3D Forums.

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