Annapurna Interactive patches Journey’s framerate hitches on PC

Annapurna Interactive Patches Journey's framerate hitches on PC

Annapurna Interactive patches Journey’s framerate hitches on PC

Journey, the PlayStation Classic, released on PC on June 7th, bringing the game to a broader audience than ever before alongside support ultra-high resolutions.

While Journey on PC sounded like a great idea on paper, its execution was somewhat flawed, launching on PC with an issue which crippled the game’s performance. In short, the game’s networking component played havoc with Journey’s framerate, making the game a stutterfest when the title looked for co-op players, ruining the game’s otherwise smooth performance. 

Now, Annapurna Interactive has addressed the issue, patching the game to address “audio and framerate/performance issues”. We have played the game since the patch dropped, and we can confirm that it has addressed the performance issues that we experienced. 

In our performance review of the title, we noted that, outside of the game’s performance issues, that Journey ran extremely well on PC, even at Ultra HD resolutions. With a few settings tweaks, even GPUs like the RX 580 and GTX 1060 can handle the game at 4K 60FPS, which is no small feat for those mid-range graphics cards. We have since updated our initial analysis of Journey to confirm that the game has been patched.  

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