Apple Updates Mac OS X to Version 10.5.7

Apple Updates Mac OS X to Version 10.5.7
Apple today released an update to its Mac OS X to fix the performance bugs that have been causing woes for its NVIDIA-based MacBook laptop range. Version 10.5.7 is currently available for immediate download.
Users of Mac OS X 10.5.6 users will have a download of 442MB while users of older versions of Mac OS Leopard will have to download about 729MB of data to get the update. According to MacRumours, the update takes care of most of the bugs that have cropped up in the OS.
Recent NVIDIA-based Macs have been facing issues with extremely slow video playback and cursor motion, but once the new update is installed, these systems should reportedly enjoy the same performance as earlier models. Search function through The Finder has also been updated to deliver improved results for network drives that are not covered by Apple’s Spotlight service.
On the internet side, version 10.5.7 brings relief for Gmail and Yahoo! users who have been facing trouble logging in or synchronising contacts with their online accounts. Network performance has also been improved through multiple tweaks for the networking functionality within Mac OS X.
Changes to the application restrictions functionality bring it in line with the Parental Controls system to make the MacBook safer for use by children. MacBook users can download the update from Apple’s website or via the System Update function available within their Mac OS.
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