Battlefield V surges to become one of Steam’s most played titles

Battlefield V reaches record player counts during Steam’s Autumn Sale

EA’s Battlefield franchise is experiencing a resurgence on Steam, with Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 2042 becoming some of the most played games on Valve’s platform. Right now, Battlefield 5 has a player count of over 100,000 players, making it Steam’s 8th most popular title at the time of writing.

Battlefield V is king

Right now, Battlefield 5 has record player counts on Steam. Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield 1 has also seed success on Steam with peak player counts today of 51,006 and 34,176 respectively. This places these three Battlefield titles amongst Steam’s 50 most popular games.

Battlefield’s rising popularity comes during Steam’s Autumn Sale, where all three games are available with heavy discounts. Right now, Battlefield V is available for £3.59 (92% discount), Battlefield 1 is available for £3.49 (90% discount), and Battlefield 2042 is available for £7.99 (84% discount).

Battlefield 2042’s return to form

Battlefield 2042 famously launched in a poor state. The PC version of the game lacked basic features like voice chat support, and the game’s player base quickly plummeted. EA and DICE refused to give up on their game. Frequent updates have slowly improved the multiplayer shooter. While the game has not reached its launch day player peak, returning to concurrent player counts of over 50,000 is no small feat, and that’s just on Steam. Remember, Battlefield 2042 is also available on the EA App and the Epic Games Store.

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