Benchmark Alert! Maxon launches Cinebench 2024 with CPU and GPU tests

Maxon launches Cinebench 2024 with both CPU and GPU benchmarking

Cinebench 2024 adds a tougher rendering test, GPU testing, and more

Maxon, the company behind Cinema4D and Redshift, has today released a new benchmarking utility called Cinebench 2024, a new tools that is designed to allow professional filmakers, editors, and hardware analysts, judge the capabilities of PC hardware. 

With the release of Cinebench 2024, Maxon has given their tool both a CPU and a GPU test, and have expanded their benchmarking utility to support a broader number of hardware platforms which now include macOS (with Apple Silicon), and x86/x64 Windows PCs, and ARM-based Windows PCs. GPU-wise, the tool supports graphics solutions from AMD, Nvidia, and Apple. Oddly, the tool makes no mention of Intel, though the tool will likely work with Intel’s ARC GPUs. 

In recent years, the hardware capabilities of CPUs and GPUs have exploded, and because of this the new 2024 version of Cinebench now has much higher memory requirements than before. Cinebench 2024 has seen its memory footprint increase by a factor of 3x and its computational requirements increase by 6x. Cinebench 2024 is a lot more demanding than its predecessor, and scores from Cinebench 2024 should not be compared with scores from prior versions of the tool.

Maxon launches Cinebench 2024 with both CPU and GPU benchmarking

One of the major changes to Cinebench is its use of RedShift, Cinema4D’s default rendering engine. Older versions of Cinebench used Cinema4D’s standard renderer, and moving to Redshift now aligns Cinebench with the latest versions of Cinema4D, making data from this tool more relevant to Maxon’s customers. 

The move to Redshift is what also allows Cinebench 2024 to feature a GPU test, as the RedShift rendering engine can work on both CPUs and GPUs. To utilise Cinebench 2024, it is recommended that users have a GPU with 8GB of memory or more for the tool’s GPU test and 16GB of system memory for the tool’s CPU test. 

Cinebench 2024 is available to download now on Maxon’s website.

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