Boot Camp Now Officially Supports Vista…Almost!

News Posted 30/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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Owners of Intel-based Macs can now join their PC brethern in Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system, Vista. Beta 1.2 of Boot Camp brings with it support for 32-bit Windows Vista.

While some enterprising souls have managed to install Vista release candidates on their Intel-based Macs prior to this point, Vista’s installer and EFI-aware boot code caused its share of problems, and drivers were not fully functional. Boot Camp 1.2 fixes these installation bugs, and adds a nearly full compliment of drivers. Audio, video, input and communication devices are all supported, but the Sudden Motion Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, and S-Video functionality are still absent, so SmackBook fans will have to restrict their technology abuse to OSX.

In addition to the 32-bit restriction, upgrades or multi-disc versions of Vista are not supported. There have been some spotty reports of success with an installation of Windows XP followed by an in-place upgrade to Vista, but Apple makes no mention of this on their websites.

Boot Camp 1.2 is a 138MB download, and is freely available to any Mac owner running OS 10.4.6 or later with 10GB of free drive space and a supported Windows XP or Vista install media.

Boot Camp is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for Mac owners wanting the best of both worlds

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