Codemasters Confirm Fall Release of Operation Flashpoint 2

Codemasters Confirm Fall Release of Operation Flashpoint 2
Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is set to be released this fallThe sequel to Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint is likely to be released this fall, several months after its originally expected launch date. Named Operation Flash 2: Dragon Rising, the military simulation game will be released for platforms including the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.
The game is set on an island that is disputed by Russia and China, with US military intervening on behalf of the Russians. The island is huge at 350 square kilometres, which Codemasters claim is the biggest game space ever in a shooter. The game engine supports drawing distances of nearly 35km, which according to the developer, is the range at which fighting takes place in Dragon Rising. This is a major change from most shooters in which exchanges are set in close quarters.
Characters in Dragon Rising will reportedly simulate the human body with precision and will die with just a few hits; this is strongly in contrast with other simulation games where characters enjoy extended health statuses. Despite this, the game will also offer enough fodder to non-hardcore simulation enthusiasts to keep them occupied. Increasing difficulty levels in the game equip a player with higher level tools that increase their survival odds but do not affect their health status.
The reason for the delay in the game is reportedly Codemasters’ attempt to upgrade the military simulation and graphics of the game to near reality levels.
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