Dauntless is moving to the Epic Games Store

Dauntless is moving to the Epic Games Store

Dauntless is moving to the Epic Games Store

Phoenix Labs has announced that Dauntless, their Monster Hunter-like multiplayer behemoth basher, will be migrating to the Epic Games Store and away from the game’s standalone launcher. 

This move will happen later this year, requiring Dauntless players to manually merge their Dauntless and Epic Games accounts together to maintain their game progress after the switchover. This migration process will be opt-in only, and Phoenix Labs has confirmed that no personal info will be shared with Epic Games. 

At this time an exact date has not been provided for the switchover, but Pheonix Labs are advising their players to create an Epic Games account as early as possible, as that will maximise their chances of maintaining their current username. Once Dauntless is launched on consoles and the Epic Games Store, players will be expected to use their Epic Games Store account to play the game. 

Dauntless is a free-to-play game, and moving to the Epic Games Store enables them to benefit from cross-play, as Epic Games accounts are usable on both PCs and consoles. Phoenix Labs wants friends to be able to play together regardless of their chosen gaming platform, and Epic Games allows them to do that. 



While the Epic Games Store migration process is optional, at some point players will be forced into merging their Dauntless and Epic Games accounts or lose their progress within the game. This means that players can combine their accounts, and maintain their game progression, creating an Epic Games Store account in the process, or quit the game. There is the option not to merge your accounts, and start fresh on the Epic Games store, but we doubt that option will appeal to much of the game’s existing player base. 

Dauntless set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store in April 2019, though at this time it is unknown when the game’s existing PC launcher will stop working. 

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