Destiny 2 players can now start migrating their accounts to Steam

Destiny 2 players can now start migrating their accounts to Steam

Destiny 2 players can now start migrating their accounts to Steam

This October, Destiny 2 is moving house, transferring itself from Activision Blizzard’s client to Valve’s Steam platform. This move will coincide with the release of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, which launches on October 1st.

So what happens to all of the characters, loot and other items that are linked to my account? Does that move to Steam as well? That depends. Players who link their Destiny 2 accounts to Steam before October 1st will be able to keep their progress, Guardians and items. Those who don’t transfer their account will lose everything. On October 1st, Destiny 2 will no longer be available on 

Starting today, Destiny 2 players can transfer their accounts to Steam. The transfer only takes a few minutes and will require Destiny 2 players to verify their email address and a Steam sign-in. It’s stat simple. Sign-in options are also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which means it may also be possible for console-based Destiny 2 accounts to be migrated to Steam. 

This transfer will be available at no cost, as Bungie hopes to make the transition as seamless and straightforward as possible. Starting today, Destiny 2 players will be able to migrate their game account using this link.   
When Destiny 2 releases on Steam, the base game will become free to play, enabling more gamers to experience Destiny 2’s content without paying a penny. Bungie hopes that many of these free players will transition to become paying customers.  


Hop in your ship and get ready to move. Starting on October 1, Destiny 2 on PC is heading to Steam 
and everything is coming with you. 

As the PC version of Destiny moves to its new home, we’ll be enabling you to move your current 
characters, gear, collections, and game purchases from Blizzard’s to Steam. The process of linking your accounts will be begin on August 20. This will give our PC Community plenty of time to get their Guardians sorted and ready for the new launch on October 1.

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