DLSS 3 Frame Generation disabled in Lords of the Fallen over stability issues

Hexworks disabled DLSS 3 in Lords of the Fallen over stability concerns

Lords of the Fallen is now available on PC, and the game is plagued by performance and stability issues. So far, Hexworks has released three patches for Lords of the Fallen. One controversial change has been the decision to remove DLSS 3 Frame Generation as a graphical option. DLSS Frame Generation caused crashes in the game. This has forced Hexworks to remove the feature as they work on a fix.

With update v.1.1.193, a new workaround allow Lords of the Fallen players to re-enable DLSS 3 if they wish. This can significantly boost the framerates of compatible systems using AI generated frames. Lords of the Fallen is a demanding game on PC, and that factor makes DLSS Frame Generation a useful feature for many PC gamers.

Below is Hexwork’s instructions on how to re-enable DLSS 3 Frame Generation in Lords of the Fallen. Note that this feature is still buggy and may cause crashes for some players.

DLSS Frame Generation Manual Activation
Yesterday, we globally deactivated DLSS Frame Generation after discovering through Sentry that it was one of the main causes of crashes on 40 series GPUs for the vast majority of its owners.

However, some community members have requested that we reactivate it because they were not experiencing issues and preferred the higher framerate it offers.

While we won’t be activating it by default until the issue is fully resolved, we’ve added a way for you to manually activate it if you wish by adding in launch options “-DLSSFG”.

Why is DLSS 3 Frame Generation so important for RTX 40 series GPU users?

DLSS 3 is both a hardware and software innovation. That’s why DLSS 3 is only available on Nvidia’s latest RTX 40 series products. While DLSS 1 and DLSS 2 utilised AI to upscale lower resolution frames to higher resolutions, decreasing rendering loads, DLSS 3 moves things in a different direction by using AI to generate whole frames, creating new intermediate frames between traditionally rendered frames to act as a framerate multiplier.

With DLSS 3, Nvidia are using the AI performance and unique features of their RTX 40 series GPUs to boost framerates. With DLSS Frame Generation, framerates can be doubled to increase motion clarity and deliver gamers a smoother gaming experience. Additional performance benefits can be achieved by using Frame Generation with DLSS Super Resolution. CPU-limited games can even have their framerates boosted using Frame Generation.

DLSS 3 is the killer feature that Nvidia added with the launch of their RTX 40 series of graphics cards. Gamers understandably want to use their graphics card’s newest feature. Why has Hexworks added a DLSS Frame Generation work-around to their game? Simple, Nvidia RTX 40 users want to use their latest toy.

You can join the discussion on Lords of the Fallen’s DLSS Frame Generation removal on the OC3D Forums.

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