DRM Removed – Forspoken is now Denuvo-free on PC

Removed - Forspoken is now Denuvo-free on PC

Forspoken’s latest update has removed Denuvo from the game on PC

As part of their latest update for the game, Square Enix has removed Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology from the PC version of Forspoken, signalling that the company has no plans to release any more content for the game. 

At launch, Forspoken ran poorly on PC and consoles, and over time Square Enix has worked to improve the game’s performance, releasing many updates that made the game run smoother on PC and PlayStation 5. With these updates, Square Enix has also improved Forspoken’s visuals, though these changes have done little to change the game’s overall reception. 

Typically, Square Enix removes Denuvo from the PC versions of their games after they have released all of their planned content for their titles. This gives Square Enix a level of protection from piracy every time a new piece of DLC is released for their game. Removing Denuvo is a clear indication that Square Enix has no plans to release any further DLC for Forspoken, though Square Enix had already confirmed that when they closed down Luminous Productions and absorbed the studio. 

Removed - Forspoken is now Denuvo-free on PC

On PC, Forspoken now runs a lot better than it did at launch, and many of the game’s mechanics have been improved somewhat. Currently, the game is enjoying “Mostly Positive” recent reviews on Steam, with the game’s overall review rating changing to “Mixed”. This is likely due to the fact that Forspoken was heavily discounted during Valve’s Steam Summer Sale, allowing PC gamers to access the game’s updates/improved PC version at half of its normal price.

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